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Vulture GareB❣️ Vul┆Gare 🖖🚉

  1. From gare or gêr. 1) Description: sojourner a) a temporary inhabitant, a newcomer lacking inherited rights b) of foreigners in Israel, though conceded rights.
    • Grammar: or (fully) geyr (gare); from גּוּר; properly, a guest; by implication, a foreigner; alien, sojourner, stranger.
  2. From nokrîy or nok-ree'. Description: 1) foreign, alien a) foreign b) foreigner (subst) c) foreign woman, harlot d) unknown, unfamiliar (fig.).
    • Grammar: from נֶכֶר (second form); strange, in a variety of degrees and applications (foreign, non-relative, adulterous, different, wonderful); alien, foreigner, outlandish, strange(-r, woman).
  3. From nêkâr or nay-kawr'. Description: 1) foreign, alien, foreignness, that which is foreign a) foreignness, foreign gods b) alien, foreigner c) foreign (vanities).
    • Grammar: ' from נָכַר; foreign, or (concretely) a foreigner, or (abstractly) heathendom; alien, strange ([phrase] -er {[404]:[404]}).