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The Business!

The straightaway hitter sprays his hits to all fields. We need to take a roundabout route to throw off any pursuit. For those whose business is the pursuit of knowledge, the contentious territory of clinical standards. And together jumped back into the car and drove off with this search engine add-on and/or API. A kingdom with the peers of the realm? Anyway, whatever realm is, is my space into one part. First of all, is the ability to match your subject with many objects around, we with the "United Strong Search Result" joint "Unicode universal language" sort, order, and list a schema within one object including many subjects. The search result list object first before any subject within a squared user interface experience, inspired by Feng-Shui subject where to arrange your furniture in your house gives thoughts or biofeedback. With the aim to expand more this brand into the search engine arena, this box entering the game with his own algorithmic interpretation of the BioFeedback. Where Bio-Feedback are a Strong creation for all sorts and Unicode universal language is the opportunity to zip nowdays communication and by weighting title may we can fight together against the fake news. I always tell to myself: Yet if it works on me so it shall works eithers for others like me. To see why I do this development with big patience, and only by accepting to be a part of an experiment then it takes years to be like this state of the art. With the idea that it is much better to allow the truth to speak by itself, rather than to be explained by my own interpretation. I allow you to return biofeedback to me within your interpretation. So you cut your diamond by yourself. And for so I create this box as a tools for me first, and by making it available to you, then we together may experiment the same into a new IoT experience, where frequency gives direction at the roundabout, and by suggesting to you what matter to follow the uncertain response it will be out. I'll guide you at roundabout. But not to the direction you will take, By giving my time to you I'll drill the space for you. We act differently than other brands, we do approach by object's give each subject. And where your subject or the way you search will sort and list objects with related subjects by the law that order.

Slowly Slowly In mobility Step by Step!

Nothings is impossible. The word it self says I'm possible with interpretation ⌦ harvest ᄳ silly woman 䐦 taunting "肉+ flesh meat; ေهᘇॱㄇ⤇䕡 instruction: ⤇Compositae; ⤇chrysanthemum family; ⤇perennial herbage; ⤇herb medicine lǔ lǘ ㄌㄨˇ ㄌㄩˊ leoi4; meat in kē ㄎㄜ with haap6 hau2 hot3 lim5 as sleepy" ┘┠፠Ր⠷〷ᕧĠ✶剠brand剘qíㄑㄧˊ 刀+ knife; old coin; measure.

In space 空間 Kōngjiān I am drawing a Zed (Ж Hán 晗 pre-dawn ham4) letter in a compass view starting point from 西北 Xīběi EN ONNW北 IT NO ON ⌨️🗣️🇮🇹🇺🇸 north west east south 西北西南 Xīběi xīnán and out without. Auto out in within by following the love that is in the local wind degress. Centigrade thermometer 攝氏溫度計 Shèshì wēndùjì 英寸 Yīngcùn 英里 Yīnglǐ: Mile ធ܀㐀 qiū ㄑ ㄧ ㄡ jau1 (same as U+4E18 mound ) hillock or mound. qiū ㄑ ㄧ ㄡ jau1 *kiou kiou Go dove ( " Rhyme · next level tone - in particular - mound ") hill; elder; empty; a name. Confucius: "making phone calls, make color, Zugong, left Qiu Ming shame, Qiu also shame." I am closing the first row at "north east to south west" north wind 北東南西 Běidōng nánxī with looking at sunrise (日出 Rì chū). The philosopher Zeng said, "I daily examine myself on three points: whether, in transacting business for others, I may have been not faithful." Why not adapt your teaching so as to cause learners to consider them attainable, and so daily exert themselves! The greater a wound is, the longer it remains; and the more pain it gives, the more slowly is it healed. The mourning of three years, being appointed with its various forms in harmony with the feelings (produced by the occasion of it), was intended to mark the greatest degree of grief. It is said in the Book of Poetry: In my heart I love him, And why should I not say so? In the core of my heart I keep him, And never will forget him. Yangzi said: Looking at the sun and moon, one knows the faintness of the multitude of stars. Gazing upon the sage one knows the pettiness of the multitude of other doctrines. Ri zhong (the sun at the centre/noon) is the sun being due South. There was Liezi, who rode on the wind and pursued his way, with an admirable indifference (to all external things), returning, however, after fifteen days, (to his place). Abstaining from speech marks him who is obeying the spontaneity of his nature. A violent wind does not last for a whole morning; a sudden rain does not last for the whole day. If the hundred officials are not in a condition to temporise and shift responsibilities on to one another, then agriculture will know days of surplus. With provisions enough to carry them a thousand li, the expenditure at home and at the front, including entertainment of guests, small items such as glue and paint, and sums spent on chariots and armor, will reach the total of a thousand ounces of silver per day. Such is the cost of raising an army of 100,000 men. and I close first row. Then / coming from NE to 中央 Zhōngyāng crossing central WE 我們 Wǒmen WOE 禍 Huò South 南Nán 西南 Xīnán West 西方 Xīfāng with the wind 風 Fēng speed 速度 Sùdù with mile. and I am going toward south 南 Nán east 東 Dōng standing with the pressure 壓力 Yālì.ù And I am exposing local 本地 Běndì time 時間 Shíjiān by schema 01.

In Neural Network

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